>Sounds of MATTER<

Composition Competition 2018

Deadline: February 2018

»Sounds of Matter«
Composition Competition

«Sounds of Matter» is an international composition competition that encourages composers to find creative new ways to convey scientific ideas through their music. The focus is set in the field of material physics, specifically seven different research projects (nano carbon-metal hybrids, nucleation, polymers, 2D-materials, metallic glass, ferroic materials, diffusion) currently carried out in the Faculty of Physics of the University of Vienna.

For that purpose, every research team has provided images, videos, soundfiles or datasets that should spark inspiration and serve as as source material. An overview of all available materials can be found at matter.soundsof.net/materials. Composers are invited to submit pieces that are somehow connected to or inspired by one chosen material (image, video, dataset etc.) together with a short text that explains this connection. It is the relevance and originality of your explanation that, together with the quality of the music submitted, will be the main evaluation criteria. 

The competition is hosted by the Faculty of Physics of the University of Vienna, in cooperation with the University of Music and performing Arts, and is divided in three different categories:

  • Open to composers of every age and nationality.

  • Pieces written for  violin, violoncello and piano  

       (preferably the whole setup, with or without electronics)

  • One selected composition will be awarded €4000.

  • Deadline: February 15th, 2018.

Extended: 15.3.2018

  • Composition students at the mdw and recent alumni

  • Solo or duo works for any instrument(s) of your choice

  • Three selected compositions will be awarded with €1500 – €750 – €500 respectively.

  • Deadline: March 15th, 2018.

Extended: 15.3.2018

  • Open to composers of every age and nationality.

  • You can submit ‘sound works’ of any kind and genre. 

       (In the form of a sound file, with a length under 10 minutes)

  • The piece winning a public online voting (beginning    after the submission deadline) will be awarded €2000.

  • Deadline: 15th February 

~ Closed ~

For the MAIN and MDW categories, the composers of the shortlisted pieces (selected by an interdisciplinary panel of five judges consisting of composers and physicists) will be invited to attend the final concert in Vienna, where the jury will make its final decision, and the winning compositions will be publicly announced.

As for the Call4Sounds, an online voting process will start on the five weeks following the submission deadline. The process will be open, so anybody interested will be able to vote for their preferred piece at matter.soundsof.net/vote. At the end of the voting process, the results will be announced by the organisation and the winner of the €2000 prize will be made public. Together with the winning piece, seven additional pieces will be nominated by the organisation to be part of an outdoors interactive installation at the the University of Vienna